A life-long dancer,

a life-long passion.

A classically-trained dancer, Heather has had a passion for dance throughout her entire life.  


Starting at the age of 7, she spent her childhood learning ballet, tap and jazz.  In 2005, she grew a desire to explore the world of dance even more and began to study various styles of dance from around the globe including hula, Latin, African, and belly dance.

Although she loves all types of dance, Heather became captivated with belly dance.  The mysterious history of the ancient art form intrigued her and the intricate and supple, snake-like movements came naturally to her.  Thus, she began to devote much of her time studying Egyptian, Turkish and American cabaret styles of belly dance under various international instructors.

Heather eventually moved to Florida to continue her university education.  After completing her master's degree in 2014, Heather resumed performing and studying dance.  

Heather performs solo and group shows frequently throughout South Florida.  

Heather is currently a member of award-winning belly dance troupe Gypsy Fire and dance performing group Sirens Dance Collective.

Heather is continuously adding new, modern and innovative belly dance techniques, styles and tricks to her repertoire while maintaining the authenticity and historical techniques of the ancient dance.  Devoted to life-long learning, Heather continuously seeks to cultivate her skills from the "Greats" of belly dance. 

Heather's natural abilities, lifetime passion and devotion to dance shows in her performances.  Heather brings elegance, flexibility and rhythm from her classical dance training and brings a worldly influence from her exploration of dance styles from around the world to put on a unique and mesmerizing show.

Heather has performed at many venues and events in the South Florida area including:

Florida Turkish Festival, Hollywood

Leila Restaurant, West Palm Beach

Agora Mediterranean Kitchen, West Palm Beach

Taverna Trela, Delray Beach

Taverna Opa, Delray Beach

PGA National, Palm Beach Gardens

The Kelsey Theater, Lake Park

Hippocrates, West Palm Beach

Hunters Run Golf Club, Boynton Beach

Willoughby Golf Club, Stuart

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